How to install vinyl floor tile


Step 1: Create the Skim Coat Mixture
Mix a batch of skim coat to smooth out the underlayment. Combine the mix with

water in a bucket, and mix until smooth.














Step 2: Apply the Skim Coat Mixture
Apply the skim coat to the underlayment with a flat trowel, creating a thin layer.


Step 3: Scrape Off Any High Spots
After 15 minutes, when the skim coat is dry, use a putty knife to scrape off

any high spots.


Step 4: Mark the Center of the Room
Mark the center of the room with a chalk line so the flooring lines up evenly

around the room.


Step 5: Mix the PVC Tile Adhesive
Mix up the PVC tile adhesive according to the directions. This is powerful stuff,

so protect yourself and be careful when mixing.


Step 6: Apply the Adhesive
Apply the adhesive to the floor with a special trowel, provided by the flooring company.


Step 7: Place the Tiles
Place the tiles on the floor, and push gently. If any adhesive seems up through

 the seams, quickly wipe it away with a soft cloth.


Step 8: Go Over the Entire Surface
Rent a 100 pound roller from any home store, and go over the entire surface once the adhesive is dry.