Usage of PVC flooring

The product design is usually subjective, however quality of the vinyl floorings have to amount to certain standards. The most important is the "class of use" Europeans standard EN 685. This standard divides flooring into three groups based on type and intensity of traffic:


1. Domestic use floors
- Areas with low use, class 21, for example bedrooms
- Areas with medium use, class 22, living rooms
- Areas with intense use, class 23, entry hallway


2. Commercial use
Shops, offices, schools, hospitals, class 31, 32, 33 or 34.


3. Industrial use
Warehouses and production areas, class 41, 42 or 43. High quality PVC flooring can be a good solution for so called easier industrial conditions.
PVC flooring is not suitable for places with extremely high or low temperatures, excessive humidity, moisture, grease, heavy equipment


Important characteristics of PVC floors are also resistance to friction, chemicals, fire, anti slippery characteristics, good sound insulator